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How far will we go to be seen in today's surveillance society, where everyone is both stalker and stalked? Brynolf & Ljung's new show, Stalker, offers a riveting journey into self-awareness. It premiered at Rival in Stockholm in November 2021 and had 85 shows across Sweden.


In The Circle, audiences witnessed live street magic that blurred the lines of possibility through sleight of hand and psychology. Brynolf & Ljung delved into improbable coincidences, exploring events too unlikely to be mere chance. The show debuted on November 6, 2018, at Cirkus in Stockholm and toured Sweden with 70 shows, selling 55,000 tickets.

hokus pokus motherf*ckers

Hokus Pokus Motherfckers! was Brynolf & Ljung’s first major public show. The premiere was held at the historic Berns in Stockholm. After a sold-out season, the show continued on a tour of Sweden. In total, Hokus Pokus Motherfckers! was performed in 66 shows, which ended with extra shows at Cirkus in Stockholm.

“We love these guys!”


“I’ve got to applaud you, that was absolutely amazing!”


“In conclusion, “Stalker” is a must-see for anyone craving an evening of mind-bending entertainment”

Ed Huard, OutLoud Culture!

“For magic lovers, Stalker is the real deal”

Fern Siegel, Travel Arts Journal

“If you thought the best thing to come out of Sweden was IKEA and ABBA, you’d better add Brynolf and Ljung to your list.”

STV Reviews

"These guys are amazing, one of the best magic acts I have ever seen.”




“The surprise finale climactic trick is a shocker and leaves the audience wide-eyed. No one saw it coming”

Dennis White, Front Mezz Junkies


Roma Torre, New York Stage Review

“Brynolf And Ljung – the A-ha of the magic world (a. k. a. abracadabr-A-ha)- were oh-my-god-how-did-they-do-that amazing.”

Daily Mirror


Brynolf & Ljung achieved their international breakthrough on Britain's Got Talent in front of over 11 million viewers. For the Swedish audience, their major recognition came with the series "Brynolf & Ljung – Street Magic" on TV4 (2015-2017). The series has so far aired three seasons, with half a million viewers each week.

Peter and Jonas have appeared in numerous TV programs, including Allsång på Skansen (SVT), Sommarkrysset (TV4), Fångarna på fortet (TV4), Nyhetsmorgon (TV4), and Bingolotto (TV4). They have participated in Penn & Teller: Fool Us (ITV1), served as the opening act for Penn & Teller at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, and performed shows in Las Vegas, Oslo, Helsinki, Copenhagen, New Delhi, Vienna, Edinburgh, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Beijing, Paris, and London. In 2009, Brynolf & Ljung won a silver medal in the magic World Championships in Beijing, China.

With its premiere in the spring of 2016, the duo created a highly anticipated performance - “Hokus Pokus Motherf*ckers!” which played to sold-out houses at Berns, with additional performances at Cirkus in Stockholm and then on tour. This was followed by “Cirkeln” in 2018-2019 and most recently the success “Stalker” which played in 2021-2022 with a total of 85 performances and over 60,000 tickets sold.


street magic

Elevate your event with personalized, close-up magic from Brynolf and Ljung. Ideal for corporate gatherings and cocktail parties, our one-on-one performances are designed to engage your guests, spark conversation, and create lasting memories.

stage show

For a larger-scale experience, book a stage show by Brynolf and Ljung. With a track record of sold-out concert halls and arenas, they can captivate audiences of up to 3,000 people. Using their modern and innovative style of magic, they will leave your guests astonished. Choose from a grand gala experience catering to as many as 3,000 attendees or an intimate stage show designed for up to 300 guests. Add an extra layer of excitement by incorporating street magic during cocktail hour!


street magic

Are you amazed by what you've seen from Brynolf & Ljung on TV? We assure you, the sense of awe is even more electrifying when you experience their street magic live! It's the perfect entertainment for cocktail hours or any event where guests are mingling.

stage show

In recent years, Brynolf & Ljung have captivated audiences, selling out concert halls and arenas across Sweden. Now, they're available to elevate your event with a private show! Choose from a grand gala experience catering to as many as 3,000 attendees or an intimate stage show designed for up to 300 guests. Add an extra layer of excitement by incorporating street magic during cocktail hour!


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