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Stalker (2021-2022)

Director: Edward af Sillén
Screenplay: Brynolf & Ljung, Edward af Sillén
Production: Lifeline Entertainment

How far are we humans willing to go in the pursuit of being seen? In today’s surveillance society, everyone has become a stalker and everyone is constantly being stalked. In their new show, Brynolf & Ljung take you on a thrilling, magical, and stunning journey into yourself. Stalker premiered at Rival in Stockholm in November 2021 and was then performed in 85 shows throughout Sweden.

“Stalker really has everything. Incomprehensible magic tricks, constant audience interaction, Tinder matching, great show, and a common thread that ties it all together so tightly that it’s hard to breathe. For Brynolf and Ljung, it takes your breath away.”
Magnus Tosser, NSD

The Circle (2018-2020)

Director: Hans Marklund
Screenplay: Brynolf & Ljung, Hans Marklund
Production: Lifeline Entertainment

In The Circle, the audience experienced live street magic from the stage. Using sleight of hand, psychology, and suggestion, the boundaries of what is possible were blurred, and what should really be impossible was explored. In The Circle, Brynolf & Ljung investigated unlikely coincidences. Everyone has experienced events so unlikely that they feel like it can’t be a coincidence. The Circle premiered on November 6, 2018, at Cirkus in Stockholm and then went on a tour of Sweden with 70 shows and 55,000 sold tickets.

Hokus Pokus Motherf*ckers! (2016-2017)

Director: Hans Marklund
Screenplay: Brynolf & Ljung, Henrik Schyffert, Morgan Alling, Hans Marklund
Production: Lifeline Entertainment

Hokus Pokus Motherfckers! was Brynolf & Ljung’s first major public show. The premiere was held at the historic Berns in Stockholm. After a sold-out season, the show continued on a tour of Sweden. In total, Hokus Pokus Motherfckers! was performed in 66 shows, which ended with extra shows at Cirkus in Stockholm.

“I’ve got to applaud you, that was absolutely amazing!”



Would you like to book Brynolf & Ljung for a corporate event? Here are some options:

Street Magic

Do you also think what you’ve seen on TV with Brynolf & Ljung is insane? We promise you and your guests will get the same incredible feeling in your stomachs experiencing street magic live! Perfect during cocktails and at events where guests mingle. Do you dare?

Watch all episodes of “Brynolf & Ljung – Street Magic” on TV4 Play

Stage Show

In recent years, Brynolf & Ljung have sold out concert halls and arenas around the Sweden. Now you can book a private show for your event! Choose between a grand gala production for up to 3,000 guests or a personal stage show for up to 300 people. Combine with street magic during cocktails!

“Brynolf And Ljung – the A-ha of the magic world (a. k. a. abracadabr-A-ha)- were oh-my-god-how-did-they-do-that amazing.”


Brynolf & Ljung

Brynolf & Ljung gained international recognition on Britain’s Got Talent in front of over 11 million viewers. For the Swedish audience, they became widely acknowledged with the series “Brynolf & Ljung – Street Magic” on TV4 (2015-2017), which has aired three seasons with half a million viewers each week.

They have appeared on Penn & Teller: Fool Us (ITV1), BGT (2012), opened for Penn & Teller at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, and performed in Las Vegas, Oslo, Helsinki, Copenhagen, New Delhi, Vienna, Edinburgh, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Beijing, Paris, and London. In 2009, Brynolf & Ljung won a silver medal at the Magic World Championships in Beijing, China.

In the spring of 2016, the duo premiered a long-awaited show – “Hokus Pokus Motherf*ckers!” which played to sold-out crowds at Berns, with additional performances at Cirkus in Stockholm and a following tour. This was followed by “Cirkeln” in 2018-2019, and most recently, the hit show “Stalker” which played during 2021-2022 with a total of 85 performances and over 60,000 tickets sold.

“If you thought the best thing to come out of Sweden was IKEA and ABBA, you’d better add Brynolf and Ljung to your list”



Brynolf & Ljung have participated in a variety of TV programs around the world. Here you can find clips from some of them.

Watch all episodes of “Brynolf & Ljung – Street Magic” on TV4 Play. Watch all clips with Brynolf & Ljung on Youtube.

Erik och Mackans superchock efter Brynolf & Ljungs nyckeltrick - Brynolf & Ljung (TV4)

“We love these guys!”